Terry Martell

Great feeling, great groove, beautiful swing, jazzy fills & killer overall tone. Kicks ass and ears.

Bucky Berger

Rock solid time, killer groove & a real sense of the music. He always plays what the song needs. Along with years of experience in bands & studios; Wilcox, Rough Trade, he's currently playing for Fathead & Rhythm Addicts. (when we can get him). Best drummer for this year's Maple Blues Award & Juno for Fathead.

Maureen Brown

She's Rocks the joint and a mean shuffle too. Mo plays drums & washboard, sings great, writes tunes and a gifted actress & artist to boot. Check her water colours out. All this & she's married to the next guy, Rick Gratton.

Jim Casson

Endless bag of tricks, great licks & knows how to use them. First time I saw him, he brought a kick, snare & a hi-hat. That's all he needs.

Paul DeLong

This guy must be part machine. One person couldn't do so many things. Any big show in town, good chance Paul's on drums. Recording, playing, writing books or teaching. Paul does it all. From Kim Mitchell to Blood Sweat & Tears & everything in between.

Mike Fitzpatrick

Steady & swinging at the same time, creating a feel for blues that drives hard and a pocket the whole band can sit in all night long. Currently in Downchild.

Penti Glan

"Whitey"... there was only one. He is in the history books now. Played with everyone on this planet and most of the others. Mandela, Bush, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Bett Midler, and the list goes on forever. Still found ways to reach new levels, Penti just invented whatever he needed at any time he wanted. Played in Rhythm Addicts whenever he could. You are loved and missed every day Whitey

Rick Gratton

Hard hitting, power. Tight & exciting. Rick's truly a world class drummer. The first time I ever saw Rick play, I had to go back several times just to make sure it was true.

Duncan McBain

Steady & clean, plays in the pocket & stays with the groove. Dependable drumming at it's best.

Vito Rezza

This guy is fantastic. Period

Jordan John

At 18, he pretty much had it covered. Just gets better & better. Playing with Lincolns & Blues Angels. "go jo go"

Rick Love

Back in 70's, Rick was the time keeper for Diamondback. Left Canada to become a successful businessman & club owner. Now, he's back with Blues Destiny Records in Florida and bringing Canadian blues to the southern US. Who knew you could even do that?

Owen Tennyson

Funky cat with a nice grove, extra smooth. Owen can fit into just about anything.

Aaron Spink

Another hard hitter. Young & strong with lots of chops. Aaron is fully loaded and ready for anything that comes his way.