Steve Ambrose

Whether he's off the wall or just half way up, it's always an original performance (Pure Steve Ambrose)? Simply a fantastic vocalist. Check out his latest album.

Chris Kenny

We go back a good 20 years or more. Looking for at least 20 more. As a writer, singer and all out rocking entertainer, Chris is one of the few who can bring the house down, oh yeah!!!

Peter Mcgraw

One of the first real singers I ever heard "from the old neighbourhood", the diplomats with Bob McBride & Peter McGraw. He used to show me stuff back then & still does today. Great singer, great friend.

John Finley

Little white guy with the big black voice, total control, tone & delivery. John's got it all, easily one of the best in the world.

Betty Richardson

R&B, soul, gospel, it doesn't matter. She sings it all with extra feeling and makes it seem easy - background arrangements that are great. She takes it up a couple of levels. And a great friend too.

John Mays

Johnny was a fantastic singer and hell of a nice man, humble, not full of himself and he was a real gospel singer. Johnny had been singing all of his life. For the past 25 years he had been with Fathed a multiple Juno and Maple Blues award winning band. What made Johnny such a good R&B singer is he sang with the soul of it. This from starting out as gospel singer. His band toured with James Brown for years. You have to be a authentic, you can't fake it.

Roy Kenner

R K & Associates. Mandela Bush, James Gang, Troiano. Retired, already done more stuff than you can imagine. Wish he would continue to be a "Real Rock Star".

Jordan John

At 18, he pretty much had it covered. Just gets better & better. Playing with Lincolns & Blues Angels. "go jo go"

Johnny Wright

Pitch & control to die for, always right on. One of the few real soul singers left.

Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders has the class and demeanor of a successful businessman, maybe a financial investor or high end consultant. Underneath that ageless look lies the persona of Pauly. His career has spanned several decades in the music industry from Yorkville bands to theatre (Saunders was in the Las Vegas production of Jesus Christ Superstar at 23 years old) and for many years, Pauly has been the driving force behind Canada's top show band, Pauly and the Goodfellas

Gail Berry

She's been singing around town all her life. Great vocals,great energy, great gal. Does a lot of BG work with Betty Richardson.

Chuck Jackson

Super front man. Downchild, The All stars. Runs the southside shuffle. He just keeps going & going & going - responsible for the most of the live music left. A great all round musician.

Alan Gerber

Rhinoceros. Solo - songwriter - one man band. Brilliant musician and a great person too. Proud to call him my friend.

Grant Fullerton

** Straight ahead rock music with a "go for it" attitude let's Grant deliver his pure and honest sound and truthful stories. Great solos and his powerful voice provide the finishing touches. With years in the music scene, Grant has a long and colourful history as one of Canada's best performers. There's lot's more on the way. Check out his cd, "Lotta' miles on me" and his website.

Laureen Hamil

Again from the west. She rocks on with great songs & gutsy performances. We love her.

Luke Gibson

I've known of him for a long time and recently got to work with him here at the Ranch. In the 60's he formed Luke and the Apostles with Mike McKenna, Peter Jermyn, Jim Jones, and Pat Little. Luke is a very good songwriter, plays guitar well and still has great vocals...He has a killer new band "The Fabulous Tone Rockets". Featuring Mike McKenna, Peter Jermyn, Penti "Whitey" Glan and Uli Bonnet.

Penny Skolski

One of the sweetest voices out there. One of the sweetest people too. Always a positive experience.

Danny B

Again, front guy extraordinare - harps & vocals & soul. Danny goes that little extra that makes the difference, "My Buddy".

Rex Mann

Golden voice, great singer, songwriter, storyteller. Rex Mann Band in the mid seventy's my first gig as a sound man.

Jennifer Edwards

Powerful presence, jazz and reggae feel. Jumps right in, not afraid to take chances and always exciting.

Johnnie Lovesin