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Michael Fonfara

I don't even know where to start. Michael has been playing at a world class level for 50 years with almost anyone you can name. The list is too long. I call him "Magic Mikey" or "Oz". He brings such a positive vibe just by being there. Loves everything and everybody. He takes it to the HNL, a "Ho Nutha Level". A Maple Blues Award for best keyboard player, He's also being inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. Michael is a huge part of the Rhythm Addicts. We love him forever and ever and ever.

Dennis Keldie

Another all time great, again 50 years of playing at the top. He is well known as "the master of the drawbars". It's so true. He's also a walking encyclopedia of music. Whether on piano, B3, accordion, mandolin or banjo, Dennis is at home with any style of music. As a live musician, studio musician, songwriter or producer, he is as good as it gets. I feel lucky just to know him.

Del Dako

Former saxophonist of considerable weight. Del had to give up his axe due to a severe mountain bike accident that left him paralysed for several years. After negotiating a miracle from god, one day he moved a finger, then fought his way out of his wheelchair and back into jazz music on vibes. Del was very busy, playing and recording. Teaching music for the Board of Ed, writing cook books, white water rafting or just joking around with a wacko sense of humour. He lived life to the fullest.

Ed Roth

Back in Yorkville, there was a band called Livingston's Journey. They had this wild organist with a bag of tricks I had never seen before or since. Next time I saw him, it was the early 70's in White Cane with Rick James and Nicholas Balkou - tight as hell and super funky. After years of jingle and studio work, he's back on accordion and B3 in the New Orleans style blues of the Bent Roots Band.

Bernie Senensky

Extraordinary international musician. Mostly know for jazz and classical piano including Mo Kaufman and Bowfire. With years of concerts and studio sessions under his belt. The credits are endless. Bernie first came here with Del Dako and later with Nathan Hiltz in an organ trio - said he wasnt an organist - sure fooled me!

Rob Gusevs

While doing sound in clubs, I would meet musicians and Rob was one of them. We talked about Hammond organs. I had just bought my first one and he gave me useful info about them. (There's a LOT to know.) Rob is a very accomplished B3 player with a real nice touch and feel. First came to the ranch with the Bush reunion for Dom Troiano's Tribute at the 2005 Jazz Awards. Plays with the Sisters Euclid with Kevin Briet and Blood, Sweat and Tears with David Clayton Thomas.

Scott Cushnie

Professor Piano. You pretty much have to be great with a handle like that and he sure is. Scotty has been around the world and back for years. He is a real sweetheart with a million stories about a million gigs. He IS the Boogie Woogie Man.

Martin Aucoin

Originally from Nova Scotia, Martin Alex Aucoin moved to Toronto and studied jazz piano at Humber College. After graduating with honours, he played with numerous local Toronto artists throughout the 80’s, including Juno award winners Morgan Davis and Jack DeKeyser. Steeped in the Blues and R&B, Martin co-founded the jazz-fusion group “Konstant Flux” for which he was the keyboard player and main composer. He has re-established himself on the Blues/Jazz scene, playing jazz gigs under his own name

Chris Dahmer

Chris Dahmer has been a fulltime performer and music instructor since 1974. Performance has included touring with various Rock, Country, and Rhythm and Blues recording acts (Canada and Europe), as well as performing extensively on the Toronto music scene. A number of steady house band engagements including the Club Blue Note in Toronto, and 3 years at Lulus Roadhouse in Kitchener, saw him perform as backup musician for acts such as Chuck Berry, Ben E. King, Peter Noone, The Drifters

Percival St.Clarens

What can you say about this guy?

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