Rick Morrison

Rick & I share many interests. We started building studios at the same time, both have the Hammond disease (collecting). Both love keyboards, percussion & saxophone. The only difference is he plays them & I listen. We also have developed Drive By Tracking (stopping on the way by and drop a solo on a track), 10 minute sessions. Rick stays busy with his studio, playing in the Satellites and his killer big band Carnival of Souls.

Pat Carey

Pat just keeps on marching straight ahead both in his music and career. He has a clear focus on where he is going, Mr. Reliable. Pat takes on responsibilities for himself and his friends to get things done & done right. As a multi award winning sax player, Pat provides the punch and polish of the Downchild Blues Band and the sweet and tasty jazz flavours of his band Jazz Navigators. Pat is always pointed in the right direction. Lead the way buddy.

Donnie Walsh

"Mr. Downchild" Ive known Donnie for over 40 years now -same neighbourhood. He used to work at Record World next door to the Avenue Road Club (Devil's Den). "Hear that? That's guitar" he said. "Hear this? That's the blues" (Dust My Broom by Elmore James) And, I remember pre-Downchild at 4:30pm every afternoon at Northern, Donnie had access to a piano - even though he didn't know how to play it - he banged on it day after day until it did what he wanted. 40 years down, 40 more to go.

Chuck Jackson

Super front man. Downchild, The All stars. Runs the southside shuffle. He just keeps going & going & going - responsible for the most of the live music left. A great all round musician.

Danny B

Again, front guy extraordinaire - harps & vocals & soul. Danny goes that little extra that makes the difference, "My Buddy". The B stands for "dont fuck around".

Al Lehrman

I haven't known Al very long, but seen him play for years, back in Mondo-Combo, or now in Fathead. Al has unique style on both harp and sax, combined with a smokey sound and percolating funky licks. This cat is cookin'.

Michael Francis

Here's a real treat for Canadians. Recently arrived here from Austin, Texas. This Grammy Award winning sax player of "Asleep at the Wheel" is appearing around town and the Golden Horseshoe area. He's such a nice guy and totally cool player, funky, but also, laid back.

Steve Kennedy

Coming from the likes of the Soulsearchers, Motherlode, Dr. Music and Lighthouse. Steve is a very special friend and someone I look up to, both as a great musician and a great teacher. He taught me the difference between playing music and living music, hearing it and feeling it. I asked him one day "Are bells and whistles supposed to be bouncing off the wall?" He just grinned and said "Oh yeah!" He is the Soul Man. We love him.

Simon Wallace

Simons baritone sax carries the bottom end of the horn section, perhaps the most distinctive part of the Lighthoe sound. A regular on the Toronto music scene, he has also toured with a range of stars from Mel Torme to The Temptations and was a featured band member on Canadian Idol.