Bob “Omar” Tunnoch

There's really no one else like him. He's got a style all his own. He's also a great eco-artist. Eco style whether he's slinging paint or harmonies, the pictures are full of colours. Master of the meowing bass. This Kat is Kool. See him in Fathead. Hear him in the Rhythm Addicts. Visit him at.

Joe Agnello

Almost 50 years of bass. Joey has been playing in bands all his life. Whenever we talk about old groups Joey's in them, G.W. and the Demons, Spirit, Leigh Ashford, Wilcox, on and on. Been accused of playing too precise. Joey can play it wrong so the drummer can sound right, nice trick! Still Playing, teaching and running his store ( in Sutton Ontario.

Uli Bohnet

I've known Uli since he was 17. He went straight to the bass-ment & has been shaking the foundation ever since. Uli always brings a positive attitude and a smooth round sound to any project. We love him as both a great musician & friend.

Jon Czechowsky

We call him "The Dancing Bass Player", always "hoppin' & poppin'" with a bottom end that goes way down. He makes it hard to just sit there. His surprising choice of notes & unique runs, combined with the detail in his sound. Let's Jon stand as an original artist with his own style.

Prakash John

Where do you start & where do you finish. There's just too much. He is an icon in music and in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Precision, power and intensity puts Prakash at the top of his class. Leadership, drive and a real passion for the music keeps him there.

Gary Kendall

Another guy who goes way back in T.O. With a smooth rich tone and pulsating rhythm, Gary brings that heart beat to the Downchild Blues Band. Not too much, not too little, he always finds the perfect blend. Gary also heads up the Maple Blues Band and still finds time to run the Silver Dollar, T.O.'s premier Blues club.

Peter Hodgson

In the 60's and 70's, Peter was at the top of the pile with the likes of the Checkmates, Rhinoceros, Rough Trade. Then he started playing for Real Estate (some kind of house music, I guess). Anyways he keeps popping up here and there with Rhinoceros reunion and Johnny Wright. He reminds you how the bass should be played.

Robert Newman

Not as well known as some others, Robert still finds a modern twist to an old style with a great sounding 5 string. He's got a killer attitude and has found a home with Bent Roots, one of our favourite bands here at the Ranch.

bill Miller

Everything about billy is BIG. Big sound, big enthusiasm, big studio (Psychedome), big collections of instruments, mics, amps, cars, equipment and people who love him. The biggest thing about Billy is his heart, always goes out of his way for others. One of my best friends.

Garth Vogan

One of the best out there. Attention to detail, precision, punch and a beautiful tone. Garth always plays the perfect part in any style of music and the perfect feel to any combo. This usually keeps him very busy in the clubs and studios around town.

Collin Barrett

Collin grew up in a musical family of four brothers from Manchester, England. He started playing bass at the age of twelve and began engineering and producing two years later. His diverse playing of many musical styles keeps him in demand on the Toronto music scene. Collin has been in musical situations with chart-topping international artists such as André 3000, Cee Lo Green, Julian Lennon, Wynton Marsalis, The 5th Dimension, The Drifters, The Marvelettes and Thelma Houston.