Doron Zor

Doron creates a sense of excitement in whatever he's doing, whether it's teaching, writing or playing live, he always sets a blistering pace. The Israeli Army gave him dicipline, a Masters degree in music gave him confidence. Armed with eastern scales, a massive array of sound effects and real thirst for fusion, Doron is ready to explode onto the Canadian music scene. Check out Kongo-S'quare.

Danny Weis

Danny has been playing at the top levels since he started. Iron Butterfly, Rhinoceros, Lou Reed, Bette Midler, Young Rascals, Lincolns and solo. It's nuts. He plays every instrument and every style. He can totally slay you with a solo and take you on a dream with his chord patterns. I asked him where he gets these voicings and he said, "I close my eyes and I can see them going by and just play them" ..... "OK"... Danny is a monster musician and one of the kindest and gentlest souls on the planet

John Tilden

The first time I saw John he was playing in a band called Wooden Teeth. His career includes playing with the Alberts Hall house band for 10 years (Etta James, John Lee Hooker) and his own band Uncle Fatback. The list also includes Long John Baldry, Muddy Waters. Willie Dixon, and many others. John Tilden is a musician that when you see once you will go back and see him again..and again. Hear him as part of the Rhythm Addicts.

Mike McKenna

T.O. legend. I first heard Mike at the Purple Onion in the village with Luke and the Apostles, then Mainline took over and everything went crazy. Michael touched every guitar player in Canada and beyond. Onward with Diamondback and Slide Wynder, now back with Luke in McKenna Gibson Band. He still has fans lined up with old albums for him to sign. Michael can go forever if he wants to. I hope he does.

Nicholas Balkou

I first saw him as a member of Milestone, a large band with guys like Ed Roth, Denny Gerard {The Paupers}. They were really good, I mean really good. Rick James was living in town and kept coming up and jamming with them. It was electric, and he ending up joining the band and things really took off. They changed their name to White Cane went to L.A. and made an LP. Nicky has also been a member of The Ugly Ducklings, CC Micheals, Bent Roots. Nicky is not afraid to take chances, ask the engineer

John Bride

Licks and tricks. John is a guitar gunslinger with wicked solos and high octane power chords. John takes no prisoners. My favourites are his harmonics. When he loads up, he can fire them off like bullets and carve his initials in the wall "Look out and run for cover."

Terry Blersh

Downsview in the late 60's and early 70's was a nice little pocket for some great Toronto musicians. Terry is one of them. Learning guitar at that time, most players were influenced by Trioano, Keeler and Robertson. You can't help it and Terry's no different. Thank god because it's a great sound. Terry also sings and writes really good songs. He has a great self-titled CD out right now and I really think there's a couple of hits on it. I haven't know Terry for long, but I hope to. "

Mike Francis

Mike Francis is a really great guitar player. He is also known as a producer both here and in Nashville. Mike is a first called A listed guitar player in the industry I have known him for over 20 years. He has played with everybody, and I mean everybody. Think of anyone in the industry and Mike has probably played on their recordings.

Grant Fullerton

Straight ahead rock music with a "go for it" attitude let's Grant deliver his pure and honest sound and truthful stories. Great solos and his powerful voice provide the finishing touches. With years in the music scene, Grant has a long and colourful history as one of Canada's best performers. There's lot's more on the way. Check out his cd, "Lotta' miles on me" and his website.

Brian Gauci

Brian and I go back to grade 9 in North Toronto and were classmates all the way through high school at Northern. We grew up together, discovered music together, had our first band together, he's pretty much my best friend and godfather to my daughter, Hailey. As a musician Brian is a true original with his own style on guitar and has an amazing knowledge of chords. And he is a fantastic arranger. (We've made 100's of recordings together.) We go way back to the beginning and we'll go way forward

Nathan Hiltz

Originally from Nova Scotia with a background in boxing and jazz (must come in handy). He makes his home here now. First at the ranch with his jazz organ trio with Bernie Senensky and Sly Juhas and again with Del Dako. Just out of university, Nathan is on fire playing around town and writing arrangements, writing songs and recording. Watch for him, 'cause there's a lot more to come. This guy can really play!

Papa John King

I've known Papa John King since the late 80's he's a great player. He played with Long John Baldry for over 20 years and now plays with Fathead. He is a really nice guy and his playing is just so good.

Bernie La Barge

Bernie is pretty much the first call on guitar in this city, real pro who can play anytime. He came to the ranch back in 2005 with the Bush Reunion for Dominic Trioano, but I've been watching him for years in The All Stars with Danny B and Doc and the Dexters at the Orbit Room. Currently with David Clayton Thomas and recently with Rhinoceros Reunion. Bernie and Danny Weis together, "how sick is that?" With that huge smile and killer style. "Bernie Rocks."

Teddy Leonard

Teddy has a real sense of the guitar itself , that gives him a great command of the instrument. He has a handle on at least three different styles and that's just the blues itself. Clean and precise, with a nice burn gives him an edgy sound that really works great with Fathead and anyone.

Mitch Lewis

Mitch came to the ranch recently as a guest on John Tilden's album. I don't know him well, but with a real busy schedule, he's always in demand. Easy to see why. He is a real nice player with a rich tone, especially on steel guitar. It was a fun day... looking forward to more.

Johnnie Lovesin

50 years of "Rock n Roll". 100 years of stories. There's only one Johnnie, he's the "real deal". I love him & god bless him.

Joe Mavety

Joe found music street back in high school. Along with everyone else, he was listening to Clapton, Hendrix and Beck, but also to Kenny, Lenny and Wes. A sensitive touch and a curious choice of notes allow his colourful phrasing to really set the mood. While living in England, Joe had some worldwide attention with Maryanne Faithful, co-writing the hit Broken English. While living in BC, Joe had found his own voice musically, and was always exploring new ways of creating his own unique sound.

Donny Walsh

Whether its lead, rhythm, or slide, Donnie's sound is authentic and uncompromising. When you hear Donnie play, you're hearing the best.

Ralph MacDonald

Guitar player from Cape Breton. Ralph has been playing and recording here for the past 20 years or so with a folky sort of blues style on guitar and creative audio solutions for recording music. Ralph uses both his head and his ears.